interesting links:

some old bookmarks, lame miscellaneous stuff, and my k-rad peecee!
a current list of movies and tv shows! that i am trying to keep updated as i watch them.
an incomplete list of movies i saw at Cinema With Passion - presented by Asian Media Access at the Riverview Theater in Minneapolis, MN.
SETI@home Team Macross - the homepage for a team in the distributed computing effort SETI@home, open to everyone.
the Stabbed: Live @ Smith Ave. Hall [Ogg Vorbis file, 8m, 6.8MB] - including tape hiss, not including the first song of the set "Anti-Ansi Clan".

random links:
Planetary Radio, Megatokyo, TradeWars 2002, O2Jam Ultimate, Evolution 2004 - Moment #37 never gets old, WoW Leeroy Jenkins never gets old