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2011.12.11: Good news everyone! New computers and new interest end extended dry spell!
2008.06.06: Terribly out of date! mith upgraded to a 1.3GHz Athlon a ways back, and today got BOINC running for the first time.
2005.09.14: Always keeping up with technology, Multipurpose Robot Soll has built a new computer using a dual-core CPU from AMD!
2005.08.30: Macross has attainted the magic position of 542nd place out of all SETI@home Classic teams beginning with the letter 'M'!
2004.06.22: The SETI@home project has officially entered into a transition period where both the Classic and New BOINC program are supported. This website will gradually be updated with additional links for the BOINC team Macross, and members are welcome to run whichever client they prefer.
2004.03.01: After running the beta test for BOINC a while, Multipurpose Robot Soll has switched all his computers back to SETI@home, including a new laptop he purchased recently.
2003.08.10: Still cranking away, and Multipurpose Robot Soll has just put together a brand new AMD Athlon XP 3200+ system, with SETI@home as it's first task!
2002.07.22: Great news! The two current members of team Macross have hit the 500 work unit milestone, on the same day even!
older news: After a short stint of hard work towards's RC5-64 "Team Anime (Baka Bakka)", we're now back and working full time on SETI@home.
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mith: Running Windows XP SP3
  • FarStar - AMD Athlon 7750, 2.7GHz, 2GB DDR2-1066 RAM
    Multipurpose Robot Soll (formerly vikungfu): Running Windows 7
  • Skeets - AMD Phenom II 945, 3GHz, 4GB RAM, nVidia GTX 460 1GB
  • Multipurpose Robot Soll

    contact: mith at